Beginner's Photography Workshop (adults)
6:00 PM18:00

Beginner's Photography Workshop (adults)

Families grow so quickly, and change so often. It’s why I recommend booking a family session every year. But what about the other 364 days, when you can’t hire a pro? The everyday moments, big and small - it’s important to preserve those memories, too.

I want to help you take better photos of those moments. I want to teach you how to unlock your camera’s potential. I want to help you become your family’s historian. The memory keeper. The preservationist.

By taking this workshop, you will become comfortable with the following concepts:

  • Fundamental DSLR elements: Find out what all those buttons are, and what they can do for you.

  • Exposure, aperture, & shutter speed: Learn how to manipulate these three elements to gain complete control of your photos.

  • Composition: Strategies to take your everyday images from basic to exceptional.

  • Depth of field & background blur.

  • Essential lenses & focal length.

  • How to achieve tack-sharp focus.

  • Essential lighting techniques.

Intimidated? Don’t be. This is a beginner’s course - no experience necessary! I’ll break everything down into easy to understand terms, and I promise you’ll leave taking much better photos.

The course is $45, which includes two hours of instruction.
Sign up with a friend and pay $35 each!

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Exhibition: The Art of Storytelling
to Jul 28

Exhibition: The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is an important form of communication and has inspired the work of artists for centuries. Whether a visible part of the artwork or the underlying framework, it can help guide an artist through the creative process and ignite imagination or evoke emotion.

One of my pieces, as well as the work of many other talented artists, will be displayed in the Crayola Gallery. The opening reception and First Friday event will be on July 5th from 6-9pm, but feel free to stop by any time during their open hours.

Visit for more information.

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