5 Reasons You’re Hesitating To Book A Family Photo Session - And Why You Should Stop

Many of us have the best intentions when it comes to having family photos taken, but somehow it never quite comes together. We know how important it is. Our lives change so quickly, and our kids are growing up so fast. Whatever stage of life you’re in right now, you’ll only be there this once. We KNOW this, so why do we put off having those photos taken? Here are a few common reasons why we hesitate to book a family photo session - and why we should stop.

We’re Too Busy

For too many of us, there just never seems to be enough hours in a day. Work, relationships, errands, kids and never ending to-do lists are just a few of the things that need our attention on a daily basis. Our calendars start filling up months in advance with social obligations, birthday parties, baseball practices and music lessons. Booking a photo sessions can feel like just one more thing to do.

Here’s why documentary sessions are perfect for us busy people just trying to adult - they fit into YOUR schedule. I’ll tag along on whatever family outing you already have planned, or we can document a real morning or afternoon in your life at home. Save yourself the time of finding and traveling to some alternate location, and document your real life instead.


Past Experiences

Traditional photo sessions can be stressful. Getting everyone dressed and out the door can be a feat in and of itself. Assuming you can find everyone’s shoes and get them to the session without getting dirty, you then have to make sure the kids aren’t running off in different directions while trying to avoid meltdowns. It’s exhausting.

Documentary sessions avoid all of this stress, because it’s just me hanging out with you, capturing your real life as you live it. Our lives aren’t perfect, and that’s ok. It’s so freeing when we let go of all the expectations and just let ourselves be. Let’s embrace the chaos, because that’s our everyday is really like - and we should remember it the way it really was.



Price is always a factor when we’re purchasing anything, because, let’s face it - we don’t have unlimited cash. The truth is, we save for things we want, things we feel are important. We save for vacations, weddings, home renovations, and new cars. If photography is something that is important to you, setting aside a small amount each month can make it possible for you to book a session once every year or two.

There are a few ways to save money on my sessions, the most common being referrals. If we’ve worked together before, have your friend or family member mention your name while booking their session, and you’ll receive a credit with me to use at any future date. Also, consider having an extended family session and splitting the cost. Finally, if you’re the entertaining type, you can host a Meet & Greet - we’ll hang out for about an hour or so, and chat about photography, our families, and get to know each other a little better. We’ll address any questions you might have about my style of photography and how my sessions work - oh, and everyone in attendance gets a discount.

Click here for details on hosting a Meet & Greet!

Click here for details on hosting a Meet & Greet!


Sometimes we’ll put off booking a session until we reach certain personal goals, like waiting until your hair grows out, or you lose that last ten pounds. Maybe you’re concerned about your home, and would rather wait until you can finally do that kitchen renovation. And while we’re all concerned about those things, sometimes we need to take a step back and think - does this really matter? And when we really think about it, the answer is no. When your kids look back on these photos, they’re not going to criticize your appearance, they’re going to see a parent who loves them. When you look back at these photos, you’re going to see the kitchen your family spent time in together, preparing large family dinners and baking birthday cakes. It’s about what we do in these spaces, the love we share, and the moments we spend together - THAT’S what you’re hiring me to capture.


Phone Cameras

We live in a time where more photos are being taken per minute than ever before. We have a camera in our pocket that we can use at any time, so, is hiring a photographer really necessary? Well, let me ask you a question - if you scroll through your camera roll, how many pictures are you actually in? Not including selfies, I would guess not many. We take photos of our kids, our spouse, or pets - and, yes, our food. But to really have those moments captured with your family, with you included, hiring a pro is the best way to go. You can relax and just be yourself, knowing your memories are in good hands. Having one less thing to multitask is always a good thing.


I hope I’ve eased your concerns about booking a family session, because I truly believe that our real lives are beautiful, and worth documenting, and I’d hate to see anything stand in the way of that for you. If you have any concerns I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to reach out - I’d be happy to discuss it with you over a cup of coffee sometime.