Afternoon in the Life with Dan & Annmarie | Documentary Style Engagement Session | Hoboken, NJ

I loved this session so much, and not just because it was with two really awesome people. It's because it was real. It's an accurate representation of Dan and Annmarie's life at this moment in time. Walking through Hoboken, where they currently share their first apartment together. Grabbing a refreshing iced coffee on a hot summer day before heading over to their favorite grocery store. Hanging out at home, laughing in the kitchen while doing some meal prep. Walking over to their favorite local pizza place for a slice the size of their head (seriously!) and enjoying dinner al fresco on the stoop.

Years pass, things inevitably change, and a time may come when they no longer live here. But I hope that when that time comes, they can look back on these photos and remember these days.

Here are some of my favorite images from that afternoon.

Engaged couple walking through Hoboken on a hot summer day.
Documentary style engagement session in Hoboken, NJ.
Empire Coffee and Tea Company in Hoboken, NJ.
Walking through the park with iced coffee during their documentary style engagement photo session with Jen Grima, a Lehigh Valley photographer.
Couple shopping in Trader Joe's in Hoboken, NJ.
Walking home from the grocery store in Hoboken, NJ during a candid, day in the life engagement session.
Cooking at home together during an engagement photo shoot with Jen Grima, Lehigh Valley Family Photographer.
Cooking together during an at home engagement session in Hoboken, NJ.
Benny Tudino's in Hoboken, NJ.
Fresh Hot Pizza from Benny Tudino's in Hoboken, New Jersey.
Pizza on the stoop. Candid, natural engagement session by Jen Grima, Lehigh Valley photographer.

Congrats, Dan and Annmarie, on your engagement. I wish you the happiest of marriages, and many more Saturdays just like this one.

Documentary style engagement photo shoot in Hoboken, NJ.