Documenting What Matters: Cooking with Grandparents | Extended Family Photography | Lehigh Valley, PA

Our early years are undeniably shaped by the adults around us, primarily our parents - and if we’re very lucky, our grandparents. That time spent together teaches us so much; listening to their stories, their advice, their wisdom. In our family, that time is often spent in the kitchen. My girls love to cook, and their grandparents have immensely enjoyed passing down the tricks and techniques they’ve developed to perfect those family recipes.

Growing up with my dad, family pizza night was a tradition - except instead of ordering delivery, we’d always make our own. We’d pick up the dough from a local pizzeria, bring it home, and the rest was up to us. And these days, when my dad comes for a visit, that’s exactly what we do. I think my girls love this tradition just as much as I always did, because, pizza - and of course, the time spent with grandpa.

Little girls making pizza with their grandfather. Documenting family traditions in Lehigh Valley, PA.

My husband’s side of the family is from Malta, and we’ve all enjoyed learning how to make some of his favorite Maltese cuisine. One of our favorites is Qassatat - a soft, doughy pastry filled with ricotta cheese. The girls now ask to make this almost every time their grandparents are coming over. I don’t think they mind one bit.

Little girls baking at home during a family photography session in Macungie, PA.
Little girls baking with grandma during an at home family photography session in Lehigh Valley, PA.
At home baking sessions in Allentown, PA.
Young girl getting some help from grandpa while baking during an in home photo session with Jen Grima, Lehigh Valley family photographer.
Homemade Qassatat, a favorite of Maltese cusiine.

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and I know my girls will cherish the memories of the time they spent there with their grandparents. Did you help your grandparents in the kitchen when you were growing up? What were some of your favorite recipes to make?

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