Morning in the Life with the Shrecks | Holiday Session | Emmaus, PA

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to spend the morning with the Shreck family - Becky, her husband Jeff, and their precocious, incredibly adorable son Jonathan. As they welcomed me into their lovely home, I could instantly feel the warmth that radiated from it - and it wasn’t just the yule log video playing on the TV. Christmas was truly in the air this morning, and the love and generosity of the season could be felt emanating from every corner of their home.

Christmas tree decorating family photo session in Emmaus, PA.
At home holiday family photography session with Jen Grima in Emmaus, PA.
Father and son, getting the star ready for their Christmas tree at their home in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
Documenting holiday traditions - a young family reads a Christmas story together in their Emmaus, PA home.
Decorating (and eating!) Christmas cookies in Lehigh Valley, PA.
Sweet mother and son moment during a family photography session with Jen Grima in Lehigh Valley, PA.
Father and son playing at home during a family photography session in Emmaus, PA.

I loved watching all their Christmas traditions, from carefully placing their favorite ornaments on the tree, to family story time, to decorating cookies. And by decorating, I mean eating frosting - but let’s be honest, isn’t that the best part?

What are some of your family’s Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments!