What Style Of Photography Is Right For You?

If you’ve ever looked for a photographer, you’ve likely seen lots of words describing different styles of shooting - lifestyle, portrait, documentary, candid, natural, storytelling… But what on earth does it all mean? Cut to the core of all the buzzwords, and take this quiz to see which style of photography is right for you.

What style of photography is right for you? Take the quiz from Jen Grima Photography, Lehigh Valley, PA.
Which session location is most appealing to you?
During your session, you would like to:
The most important thing to you during your session is:
How much direction do you expect your photographer to offer you throughout your session?
When you imagine what your favorite photo of your family will be, you imagine:
When the session is over and you receive your photos you'd like them to be:
You've seen some images from your friends’ professional photo sessions. The things that resonated with you from those photos were the images in which:
When it comes to displaying the photos from your session, you’re most interested in:
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