Day in the Life: April's 2nd Birthday! | Lehigh Valley Family Photographer

Two years ago, God granted us with you, my dear April. My second strong willed child. You can be stubborn, because you are so passionate about your feelings. You're willing to fight for what you want; a trait that tests my patience now, but will serve you well in the future.

You love to help, especially with emptying the dishwasher, and feeding our dog, Tiki. You love to bring people into your world to share your experiences with you.

Your best friend is your big sister, Natalie, who you've already learned so much from. The two of you genuinely enjoy the time you spend together, and you love to make each other laugh. Come to think of it, you like to make everyone laugh.

Happy second birthday, my sweet baby girl. I'm looking forward to many more adventures with you. Love, Mom.

So, how did our little girl spend her 2nd birthday? Well, we started our afternoon with a light snack, and then we went for a walk with the dog.

Father and daughter in their kitchen. At home family photography sessions by Jen Grima, Lehigh Valley Family Photographer.
Little girl with dad checking the refrigerator for a snack during an unposed family photography session, Lehigh Valley, PA.
Toddler girl drinking milk, candid storytelling photography by Jen Grima, Macungie, PA.
A father helping his daughter on with her mittens. Documentary family photography by Jen Grima of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
Girl out for a walk in the winter. Lehigh Valley documentary family photography sessions.
Dad carrying his baby daughter while walking the dog. Pennsylvania family photography.

We then decided to take the birthday girl to Target, to let her choose one toy of her own as a gift. Her choice? A small, pink bucket. Hey, the heart wants what it wants, right?

Young girl with pink bucket at Target.
Toddler girl pushing the cart at Target during a documentary family photography session by Jen Grima of Lehigh Valley, PA.
Two year old girl looking at toys in Target. Documentary family photography session, Emmaus, PA.
Toddler girl under the cart while shopping at Target during a family photography session. Day in the Life photography in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
Two year old girl leaving Target with dad in front of Starbucks. On location family photography sessions by Jen Grima, Macungie, PA photographer.

Afterwards, we picked her sister up from the bus stop, and went home to celebrate with family, friends, and delicious homemade cake. But not without a quick nap first.

Young girl with winter hat and backpack, coming home from school.
Two year old girl taking a nap on mom and dad's bed. At home candid family photography in Allentown, PA.
Young girl watching TV in her parents room, at home documentary family photography session by Jen Grima, Lehigh Valley, PA.
Toddler girl looking out the window with Grandpa, Lehigh Valley documentary family photography session.
Two year old birthday party, special occasion family photography in Pennsylvania.
Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, little girl second birthday party. Candid storytelling photography by Jen Grima, Lehigh Valley documentary family photographer.
Two year old girl eating her birthday cake. Unposed family photo session by Jen Grima Photography, Lehigh Valley.

It was a great day filled with fun, family, and lots of laughs. But I think it's safe to say the cake was her favorite part. Happy birthday my love, and here's to another fun-filled year!