Think You're Boring? Think Again.

When introduced to the idea of documentary style photography, people are sometimes apprehensive, thinking that their lives are not interesting enough to photograph. Well, I'm here to say, au contraire, mon frére. (I'm hoping you read that with the fabulous French accent that I wish I had.) The fact is, even the most seemingly mundane activities can make for great photos.

To give you an example, I did a Morning in the Life session with my own family - pancakes for breakfast, followed by a target run. A fairly ordinary Saturday morning for us, which is what made it so perfect. I wanted to capture the details that make our family who we are.

The way my husband can hold our preschooler and make pancakes at the same time.

How a little bit of whipped cream makes breakfast feel special.

How fun it is to hide in racks of clothes at the store.

The way we entertain our youngest in the shopping cart.

Family photojournalism allows us to capture those everyday moments, the memories we don't realize we're making while it's happening. And no matter what it is you're doing, you already have the key to a great photo session - YOU. Your family. Your personalities. Your interactions. Your life.

And it's worth documenting. I promise.

Pancakes, Documentary Photography, Staten Island
Breakfast, Documentary Photography, Staten Island
Day in the Life, Breakfast, Staten Island
Breakfast, Family Photography, Staten Island
Pancakes, Family Photography, Staten Island
Toddler Breakfast, Family Photojournalism, Staten Island
Family Photojournalism, Staten Island, New York
Shopping, Documentary Family Photography, Staten Island
Target, Family Photojournalism, New York
Kids Clothes Shopping, Family Photojournalism, Staten Island
Target Shopping, Family Documentary Photography, New York
Grocery Shopping, Family Documentary Photography, Staten Island
Target Shopping Cart, Family Photojournalism, Staten Island