What I Learned About Photography From Moving To A New Home

Last year, we made the decision to move our family from New York to Pennsylvania. There were many factors involved in making that decision, but ultimately, it came down to giving our kids a better life - something we felt we could do in the Lehigh Valley. And so, our housing search began.

I learned that choosing which home to buy is both an emotional AND practical decision, in equal measure. Whereas I find most other decisions to be primarily led by one or the other. We looked at over a dozen houses in person, and what feels like a million houses online. We made pro con lists, we ran numbers. But when I saw our house, I knew. I knew the way you know about a good melon. (“When Harry Met Sally” reference? Anyone?)

Four months later, we were on our way.

As I packed up the last of the boxes, I took a moment to look around and let it sink in. We were saying goodbye to the place that had been our home for the last nine years. It was a wonderful place to start our journey as a family, and I found myself feeling immensely grateful that I had taken the time to photograph us in this house. Those memories are now all we have left of this place.


Home is where our lives happen. For many of us, it’s where our children took their first steps. It’s where we turn up the music for an impromptu dance party. It’s the table that we all gather around for game night. It’s art projects, family meals, and books before bed. The photos I have from our first home, they tell the story of our lives during this time. And although my girls are young, these photos will help them remember exactly where their story began.


I’ve learned that home is not just a place, but a feeling - a feeling I get to relive every time I look at the photos we took there. And now, I’m lucky enough to have the chance to document that feeling in our new home, too.