Here's Why You Should Have Your Next Family Photo Session At Home

Just the mention of having photos taken can be stressful for a lot of families. We’re all trying our best to juggle to-do lists, errands, and ever-changing schedules, while still trying to find a few minutes for ourselves. One of my main priorities as a photographer is to make the process as painless, stress-free, and dare I say fun, for each family that I work with. And one of my favorite suggestions for making that happen is to have your session at home.

Right off the bat, having your session at home eliminates the task of having to choose a location. There’s no scouring Pinterest for a picture perfect spot near your town, no googling the best local spot for a photo shoot. Save yourself some time and choose the most obvious locale - your very own home.


Your home is a place where everyone is comfortable - the whole family will be instantly relaxed just by being in a familiar environment. This can help take some of that photo session awkwardness out of the equation. While at home, everyone becomes a bit less aware of the camera, which in turns allows everyone to act more naturally - resulting in images that truly capture those real life moments.

An in-home photo session in Fogelsville, PA. Having you family photography session at home allows everyone to be comfortable, and those real life moments to come through.

Logistically speaking, having your session at home will be the best decision you ever made. There’s never a need to reschedule due to weather. You can choose the time of day that best fits your family’s lifestyle. And also, there’s no traveling. This is a big deal, especially with kids who take at least half an hour just to put on their shoes and get into the car (that can’t just be my kids, right?) Anytime someone tells me I don’t have to pack up the snacks and sippy cups, plus an extra change of clothes, just to have my kids complain about how long the trip is taking four minutes into the ride - sign me up.

An at home newborn session in Coopersburg, PA. Have an in-home session and avoid having to pack up the diaper bag.

Finally, my favorite reason of all to have an in-home photo session - it’s more meaningful. Photos are a way to revisit your childhood home, even if that home no longer belongs to your family, or has drastically changed. You can see your favorite toys, the art your parents hung on the wall, or that old couch you used to take the cushions off of to make forts. Having your session at home gives this gift to your children as well, a gift they just won’t get from a session at the park. Your home will change a lot over the years, as your family grows and matures. It’s important that we capture this stage of life, before we blink and miss it.

A girl with her favorite Pokemon toy during an at home family photography session in Macungie, PA.

If you’re worried about how messy your house is, or that renovation that you haven’t gotten around to yet - don’t be. Most of us are in the same boat, and the goal of your family photos shouldn’t be for everything to look perfect. It should be to preserve what your real life looks like, right now, at this moment in time. It should be to capture your family together, and the love you have for one another. And I can think of no better place to do that, than at home.

To schedule your in-home session, send me a message here. I can’t wait to work with you!